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In Montfort as well as the Provence of Limburg there are many opportunities for Recreation or Relaxation. Whether your Preference goes to Nature, Culture or (water)Sports, it’s all there on a small distance. Hiking or Biking Trails are available in Abundance. But also Horse Riding trails, They all start or come directly by our House.


Kasteel Montfort, with it’s enormous Medieval walls and big part in History, is the most Impressing Castle in the area. It’s about 2 minutes walking distance from Ane Kerk. A great place to visit, especially with the recently discovered and Restored Medieval basements.

But there are many other buildings with significant History in the Area. Multiple castels, (water)mills, Churches or old Village centers are to be found.

Some places remind us, and show World War 2. A small but very interesting museum about WW2 in our area is located around the corner from our B&B.

The Roerdriehoek museum

Owners Roy and Monique know everything about WW@ in this area and love to tell about it.
They also offer Tours around Montfort in their WW2 GMC Lorry or GPW Jeep by Appointment.


The surroundings of Montfort are actually one big National Park. Forrests, Meadows, Fields, combined with small Trails or roads. The Ideal area for Hiking or Biking. That’s whymany Hiking and Biking Trails have Originated in this area. Also Horse Riding Trails are available.

The 2 most known Nature areas are ‘Landgoed het Roosendaal’ en ‘National Park de Meinweg’.
Both located at 5 minutes distance. One by walking, the othet by Car.

On the website Klein Geluk uit Roerdalen, (small Happiness at Roerdalen) many other options to visit in the area can be found. Unfortunately this is only Dutch, but can still show pictures and possible translation by Google.


In our list of surroundings the “Maasplassen” can not be forgotten. THis is the biggest watersport-paradise in Holland. A fantastic area with lakes, rivers, channels, etc. stretched from Roermond to Maaseik in Belgium. THE place to bef or entousiasts of Boats, Ships, Marina’s and everything else that comes with it. Obviously the ‘Maasplassen’ also fit very well in the list of Nature areas and are very suitable for nice long walks along the waterline, or to ride towards the sunset on your bike.

Further surroundings

Not directly at walking distance, but still in the area lie Cities like Roermond, Maastricht, Thorn and Valkenburg. All very intersting towns in their own way with only 15 to 30 minutes to drive. Because of the central Location of B&B Ane Kerk, even the borders of Belgium and Germany are both only 5 minutes away with many interesting options once again. Dusseldorf and Eindhoven are only 30 to 45 minutes drive.

There is just to much to describe.

After a day out our small town  offers various restaurants and bars, for food, drinks and snacks