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With the Second World War still fresh in their memories, Johannes and Betje Maessen bought the existing but old Pub At the Church in 1947. The house dated from around 1880. They wanted to start their future here, with their small family. Unfortunately Johannes died far to early in 1955, leaving the Widow Betje behind to run the pub and raise their 4 children by herself.

Because the villagers at that time said, we are going for a drink at Betjes place, the pub is called ‘biej Betje’ ever since.

In 1967 Betje decided to tare down the pub and rebuild it bigger, and with a bigger house.
Funny detail is, that the pub was kept open during the rebuild, in another building across the Church square. It was very small and Cozy and the Barrels of beer where stacked in the bedrooms.

Betje finally worked behind the bar until 1978, when her Oldest son Jan took over the place with his wife Corrie. From that moment on, Villagers were going for a Drink “Biej Jan van Betje”.
Jan and Corrie also Got 4 children who where raised in the pub house.

Nowadays the house is owned by the third generation, Chantal Maessen, Oldest Daughter of Jan and Corrie. She takes great pleasure in welcoming guests in the B&B Ane Kerk and keeping the Family tradition alive.

Eetcafé en B&B Ane Kerk is situated directly at the Pieterpad Hiking Trail and different other Trails for Biking and Horse Riding, and therefor the ideal start- or resting place for a nice walk or ride through the area.
Furthermore The Castle of Montfort as well as it’s great gardens and the Roosendaal Nature area are only 2 minutes walking away.
In the direct surroundings there is much much more to see, for example National Forest “De Meinweg”, de “Gidstappermolen” or the “Maasplassen” between Roermond and Maaseik.
In Short, Nature and Culture in Abundance in This Special Piece of Limburg, Holland.

Experience the surroundings